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AquAmmoS results of the meeting between Bernard Brémond, president of the eponym group specialized in urban planning, and Olivier Girinsky, microbiologist.

In 2013, some shrinkage cracks appeared on the concrete grounds of the Brémond Group's head office buildings. Olivier Girinsky suggested to treat these defects by a so-called biocalcification biological process. Olivier Paressant, an active member of the Brémond Group, felt attracted by the ecological side of the venture and joined it. This successful work interested Jacky Colas, a senior executive specialized in financial engineering, and he decided to turn this group dynamics into an entrepreneurial project. Soon strengthened by a banking executive named Thierry Maeder, the team reached its operational stage. Gathered around common values and complementary skills, AquAmmoS aims at developing and offering innovative solutions in the field of environmental biotechnology.


AquAmmos created two biomimetic technologies : AquA and Ammos. These processes are mainly developed in the water treatment industry, and come in six products : Aqua Membrane, Aqua Bassin, and Aqua Plus on one hand; Ammos Rock, Ammos Poll and Ammos CO2 on the other hand. Easily integrated into the currently used processes, these technologies fit in with the circular economy : they make the waste of some becoming the resources of others.

AquA and Ammos help professionals to reduce their energy consumption and to improve the processing quality. They also enable creation of value by recycling the waste, while being in accordance with today's environmental and societal issues.

AquAmmoS answers to the evolution of stricter and stricter regulations, in a world with a fast growing demography that urgently needs to preserve its natural environment.


Photo du fondateur Jacky Colas

Jacky Colas

Chairman of the board

Former senior executive within companies specialized in real estate and urban planning financing, Jacky centered his whole career on financial engineering.
In 2011, he created HOLDING BEJAC, a multidisciplinary company specialized in assistance and consultancy.
Photo du fondateur Olivier Girinsky

Olivier Girinsky

Managing director/General Manager in Research and development

Ph.D in microbiology, he is first a researcher for big companies. He is then in charge of innovative bio-inspired projects for a school of biotechnology engineering.
Photo du fondateur Olivier Paressant

Olivier Paressant

Technical manager

For 15 years, Olivier created and advised projects linked to sustainable development and building within the BREMOND group.
In a personal capacity, he is contributing to the old farm breeds preservation.
Photo du fondateur Bernard Brémond

Bernard Brémond

Executive director

Bernard created in 1986 the eponym family group specialized in urban planning projects development. He focused his action on the interests of the region and its inhabitants as well as on sustainable development.

Photo du fondateur Thierry Maeder

Thierry Maeder

Marketing director

Thierry is a banking executive graduate in economics, and a branch manager within a private bank specialized in asset management.
He created TM Conseils in 2016, a company dedicated to acquiring interests in the capital of young innovating companies.


    • AquA

    • The AquA technology takes part in both phases of water handling. As to the drinking water production, it reduces the energy consumption, increases the yields and the use duration of fittings by unplugging the drilling and filtration mechanisms during the treatment in factories. For the waste water treatment, AquA stimulates the not phototropic micro-organisms in order to increase their consumption in organic waste by a flexible and energy-efficient process.
    • AmmoS

    • The AmmoS technology is operating during the evacuation of waste, at the end of the waste water treatment. It is part of circular economy. The microorganisms produce a mineral deposit of calcium carbonate between the sand grains, Ammos locks up pollutants into a rocky structure in order to clean up waste recycling. The stones produced that way are then reused as secondary materials ( backfilling of roads, coating of networks...).
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